Mbira and colonialism

Thumb Piano = mbira

(Paradigm shift broadcast 7 August 2015 Friday at noon)

Andy also spoke on air with local exponent of the african thumb piano, Russel Svinurai, who sang and played traditional mbira tunes from Zimbabwe.

Andy and Russel spoke about wars of independence in Zimbabwe in 1896 and beyond to de-colonise.

Andy speaks with Stephen Feld, an American anthropologist, about ethics & aesthetics of cosmopolitan listening beyond borders, boundaries and species.

The ways that values associated with cosmopolitanism can be imperial, how the western market distorts music and does not value new music (world music, sic).


inforussel svinurai – chemutengure

inforussel svinurai – tora huta hwangu

inforussel svinurai – kugarisana infofela kuti – I.T.T.

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