Rural communities resisting mining

[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1, 26 August 2016]

Andy spoke with Tim Duddy who is a Liverpool farmer in the NW New South Wales about the Caroona mine buyback by NSW government from BHP.

Tim: “Where mining occurs near water table there is always damage to that water”

Conservative farmers came out against the mining. Was a lawful protest for 2 1/2 years then the campaign adopted NVDA tactics which the farmers supported.

Climate change was not the motivator by the Farming community

BHP made a tidy profit.

A decision to cancel the licence for the Caroona coal mine in the north-west of New South Wales is not a sign the nearby Shenhua mine will also be cancelled, the State Government says 12 Aug 2016

In response, Liverpool farmers are promising civil war.

Andy: Leftpress to do a book about strikes in the Gippsland mining and power industries.

Talking about rural communities.
A lot of the farmers are very wealthy and influential growing grops and grain been able to shift the government on BHP mining in the Liverpool plains.

Aboriginal people are fighting Adani in the Gallilee basin.
Acklan community are in the Land & Enivironment court fighting extension of coal mining on the Darling Downs.

Andy interviews Rob McLaughlin from Bolger in the Hunter Valley resisting an open cut coal mine by Rio Tinto.

The Dead Maggies – Savage River
The Lurkers – Lock the gate
The Bushwhackers – Leave it in the ground
Bob Campbell – Killer black coal
Kev Carmody – Livin’ in the country

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