[Paradigm Shift on 4zzz fm 102.1 19 August 2016]

In the build up to ZICS Andy and Ian talk about the DIY phenomenon of Zines, self-publishing at its most basic, innovative, eclectic covering everything from cats to abolition of restaurants … [you can’s always get what you want at Alice’s Restaurant, but you can get what you need.]

What is a zine?
[From Fanzine examples include gutter slug and a punk zine from the 1990s called Rat-Sack]
A printed self published publication. These days often made on a photocopier. Rise of zines

Is the need to print stuff obsolete with the internet.

Andy interviews the author of gutterslug

The author of a new zine “Break Free from Break Free” talks about the pros and cons of big NGOs in environmental activism.

Zine and Indie Comic Symposium


Bastian Fox Phelan – Fears of your life
Gunk – Mi goreng special
Copy Scams – Copy and destroy
The Julie Ruin – I decide
Alternative TV – Strange kicks



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