Qld Parliament on women’s democratic rights

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 friday at noon on 25 Nov 2016.

Rally to Decriminalise Abortion in Qld
Hosted by Women’s Abortion Rights Campaign Brisbane

Thursday, December 1 at 8 AM – 9 AM
Speakers Corner, outside Parliament House, George St Brisbane

There are currently two pieces of legislation before the Queensland Parliament concerning the democratic rights of women.

The Labor government has made a statement that it will introduce amendments to the transport act that it will it will ban sexist and misogynist slogans on commercial motor vehicles.

This legislation came about after a long campaign by community groups against John Webb’s wicked campervans which had slogans like “in every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once.” 

Under the new legislation such  vehicles risk cancellation of their registration. The government has not gone so far as to ban all sexist and insulting images featuring women on advertisements like the Parmalat chocolate milk ads (Breakka).

The second piece of legislation was introduced in the parliament  by the independent member for Cairns, Rob Pyne to decriminalise abortion which has been in the criminal code of Qld since 1899.

What a contradiction! The Wicked Pickets have prompted the parliament to sanction misogynist ads on vans but not to have party political support to stop the criminalisation of women, their partners and their doctors performing an abortion.

Here is the Paradigm Shift interview with Anna McCormack from the Women’s Abortion Rights Campaign.

Amanda Bradley from Children by Choice spoke at the November rally in support of the campaign.

Will the Parliament finally get rid of this 100 year restriction on women’s rights to choose?

Jumping Fences with  – i never sing
Ani Di franco – Amendement
Nina Simone – You Don’t know what love is
Sister Fa feat K2 – Sama Yeene
Peggy Seeger – Reclaim the night

International Day for the elimination of violence against women

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