Activists defend refugee rights

The Murdoch Press has joined tirades from Federal parliamentarians to have protests banned from parliament. Leaving facts behind, the Courier Mail has bellowed loudly that refugee protests are ‘undemocratic’. Ordinary people must challenge this view for, without the right to assemble, march and organise, we have no say and all decisions are made for us by elites.

Here are some extracts from this week’s press hysteria:

“THE fate of screaming protesters who brought Federal Parliament to a halt on Wednesday lies in the hands of Speaker Tony Smith and Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne. For the AFP to lay any charges on the protesters, one of who allegedly bit the hand of a security guard, either Smith or Pyne have to make a complaint.Police have taken action against two protesters who abseiled Parliament House after their activist group hijacked Question Time yesterday.” – Courier Mail 1 Dec 2016.

Church does not ‘reject activist – Reverend David Baker – Moderator of the Uniting Church in Queensland:

Queensland Synod moderator Rev David Baker says the Uniting Church in Queensland does not reject activist Kelly Purnell as stated in The Courier-Mail today.

“While Ms Purnell does not work for Indooroopilly Uniting Church we thank her for her volunteer involvement in Indooroopilly’s visa form-filling clinic,” says Rev Baker.

Magistrate proud of protestors

During sentencing on (charges relating to ‘ November 21,(2016) Mr Morgan (magistrate in Pine Rivers) said, “… despite the fact that many people might disagree with your protest (dancing on Dutton’s roof), you have a valuable right in our community to protest and if one of my daughters was caught doing like you did, I’d probably be very proud of her.”

Combat Wombat – Miraculous activist
Paul Spencer – Make some music
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Only lovers left alive
The Lurkers – Ain’t done nothing
Melanie Horsnell – Black boy

Ian Curr
3 Dec 2016

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