Retrospective 2016

Andy and Ian do a roundup of 2016 stories.

Strike the beast hard
because if you don’t it will leave you hunger;
strike it because they’ll kill you
and they’ll cover you with earth,
sing your thousand songs
and set out walking with your wounds,
and together we’ll go to the forest
to sing, then, to life.
– Ruben Galiando

Anti – Israel Protests at the Olympics
Is it lawful to provide sanctuary to a refugee in Australia?
Perspective on ‘lost tradition’ of idealism
Is there an alternative to socialism?
Abortion – crime or accessing health services?
Strike the Beast Hard (Pégale Duro al Fiero)
Darumbal people win native title in Central Queensland

Redgum – Virgin ground
Sweet Teens – Ned Kelly
Gaviota – Strike the beast hard (Pégale Duro al Fiero)
Rafeef Ziadah – Shades of anger
Slyng Shot – Dirty spoon
Curse of Dialect – Busy streets with lazy minds

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