Climate Change

Andy and Ian talk about tactics to prevent Climate Change and to stop the Adani Mine. There is some philosophical discussion on the show as well.

Tactics so far
Wangan & Jagalingou people have challenged in the courts and gone around the world to convince banks to divest from providing finance. Many of the world’s largest banks have already ruled out funding this dangerous coal mine. Yet despite committing to avoid dangerous warming, three of Australia’s big four banks are yet to do the same.

EDO – legal challenges (mentioned in a previous show on Adani.

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Andy interviews Ellen Roberts from GetUp.

Ellen talks about GetUp’s renewed efforts to prevent public funding of providing infrastructure for the Adani mine (Rail, Port). Making 10,000 phone calls because of lack of public support for public funding targeting liberal party marginal seats. Andy asks her why given that the Adani mine has bi-partisan support.

Ellen says that Malcolm Turnbull has a ‘long track record’ for accepting that climate change exists (as opposed to members of the LNP who are climate change deniers.) GetUp’s strategy is the challenge climate change project by project. Ellen previously worked in grass roots campaigns (like Friends of the Earth runs)

Ellen said that GetUp is having meetings at 6pm on 27 Feb 2017 at GetUp’s office in New Farm about making phone calls and protest against Westpac on Monday. Planing future public meetings on Adani. See

Discuss ALP’s Kevin Rudd’s hypocrisy in 2007 in saying that climate change is the biggest moral issue of our time (but his government did nothing about it in International forums or in introducing a tax on carbon). No Scott Morrison (Treasurer) walks into parliament with a lump of coal. Can we talk about Coal in isolation – the economics or the moral imperative when the earth is being destroyed. Are GetUp politically naive, realists or opportunists? Need more localised energy, challenge the growth of the economy. Have to ask real questions. Practicalities of getting coal to the port. Finance $1B is on the table from the Federal Government. Andy asks Ben if Adani is the most important thing to do. Ben says that stopping big coal is the most important thing and that Carmichael will be the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere. Be talks about other mines proposed by Clive Palmer and proposals to build another coal fired power station in Queensland. They discuss direct action.

Direct Action
Andy interviews Ben Pennings about the Gallilee blockade. Ben says that Galilee Blockade  will entail:

Andy and Ian discuss the role of NGOs and political parties like the Greens. Ben Pennings was guarded in giving details of specific actions but its plans is to challenge by direct action any company that has anything to do with Adani. Ian raises Simon Birrell’s  criticism of NGOs and the Greens in their challenge to logging in  the Otway ranges in Victoria. See

Ian asks if stopping Adani is more important when Australia being the biggest exporter of  liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world that is a fossil fuel that is already having a dramatic impact on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?


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