Manus Island Again

Andy & Ian on the Paradigm Shift 3 Mar 2017.

Andy and Ian on 3 Mar 2017 after a busy week replay Andy interviewing Jacob Rice a whistle-blower from Manus Island detention centre. Jacob was a teacher on the island and witnessed activities at detention centre later deemed illegal by the PNG High Court. The interview took place in September 2015.

Photo: Two men were attacked by locals armed with an iron bar amid rising tension over the refugees’ presence on the island – The Guardian

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Jacob Rice worked as a teacher in the Manus Island detention centre. Under the Border Force Act he is risking arrest by speaking about the conditions in the detention centre, but he spoke with the Paradigm Shift about the conditions for the detainees, about what it’s like for teachers trying to do their job there and about speaking the truth.

Tu P – Border force facts
Last Quokka – Girt by fear
Fear Like Us – Who killed Reza Berati
Tinariwen – Assawt

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