‘Unfinished Business’ – Public Trustee

[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 31 Mar 2017]

Ian interviews people whose lives have been at the mercy of the Queensland Public Trustee. In this exposé Theresa Creed, John Tracey, Rosslyn Mirciov and Doug Young reveal the misfortunes of vulnerable members of their families suffering at the hands of public trustee and the public guardian.

Theresa Creed (Woorabinda Mission, Kalkadoon and Pitta-Pitta) and John Tracey tell the story of the Theresa’s son Marli who received a compensation payment when he was 18 years old with which the family bought two houses and a block of land on the Sunshine Coast. By 23 years of age Marli was homeless and eventually jailed. The Public Trustee had kicked him out of home, rented then sold Marli’s property, charged exorbitant fees and lost much of the cash during the GFC in 2008-9.

Doug Young describes how his partner lost her assets due to incompetence and excessive fee charged to her for actions she did not wish to be a party to. Doug gives his proscription for reform of the Public Trustee, Public Guardian and Qld Civil and Administration Tribunal.

Rosslyn Mirciov tells how her mother Bernice was taken from her aged care home in Beaudesert, her family home was sold and how Bernice was given bad treatment in a facility in Hervey Bay resulting in her premature death.

Rosslyn, Doug and John are members of the Committee to Expose the Public Trustee which is a group of family, carers and friends of people who are clients (some prefer the word victims) of the Public Trustee. They are all struggling in their personal circumstances against the Public Trustee who, as substituted decision maker, has consistently and systematically ignored the needs and will of their loved ones.

Committee to expose the public trustee
the committee by ringing Rosslyn on 0481 093 823 or
email committeetoexposethepublictrustee@outlook.com
Website: https://exposethepublictrustee.wordpress.com/

Notes by Ian Curr.

Theresa Creed – Old People
Theresa Creed – Back Whats Mine
Matt Hsu – Every Step Is A Horizon
Theresa Creed – Choice
Theresa Creed – Mother Dear

Theresa Creed’s songs are from an album ‘Unfinished Business


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