Anti-war movements – then and now

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 friday 7 April 2017.

As the U.S. bombs Syria the Paradigm Shift looks at the activists and campaigns against war from the 1960s till now. Features interviews with Larry Zetlin (Gulliver films) and Sam Castro (Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance).

Ian interviews Larry Zetlin the producer of the documentary ‘Hell no, we won’t go!’ which is about the anti Vietnam War movement of the 60s & 70s. It features a clip from the film.

Is there a comparison with anti war and refugee activism of today?

Andy interviews Sam Castro from the whistleblowers activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA).
the interview is in four parts:

1. Introduction to whistle-blowers activists and Citizens Alliance
2. Direct action and structure of WACA
3. The ecological organising model for the whistle-blowers activists and Citizens Alliance and including a critique of NGO’s and liberalism. Sam uses the metaphor of a rhizome – the roots of a plant. Makes direct comparison with the structure of capitalist enterprises like Uber and Airbnb.
4. How WACA organises collectively and how it establishes relations with-in the group and between activists.

Interviews and clips are at


Hannaka – Makeshift Ritual
Rita Martinson – Soldier, We Love You
Phil Ochs – We I’m Gone

A podcast of the entire show is at

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