Anzac 2017

Paradigm Shift 28 April 2017 4zzz fm 102.1 friday at noon.

Andy interviews David Stevens (Honest History) about how in 1918 Australia was a broken nation – 70% of the men had stayed home, 30% went fought in the First World War. There were two conscription referenda both defeated. A clash between Protestant and Catholic.A heavy secret police presence. David talked about histories by Jesse Webb, Cecilia John and Paul Daly, about Manus and Nauru, Tjandamarra, a Kimberley man who fought against colonisation.

Andy interviews Jim Dowling about East Timor. They discuss the oil and gas theft by Australia from the poor neighbour, East Timor.

About how Jim & friends would go up to Canungra and blockade the military training & talk to soldiers, letterbox all the houses, spill blood on the tiles.

They discuss independence in East Timor and what happened in 1999 when the Indonesian left leaving a peacekeeping force remain for many years.

On Soundcloud

John Schumann – On every ANZAC Day
Glenn Skuthorpe – Sacred land
Ted Egan – Tjandamarra
Ancestress – One by one
Paddy McHugh – Gin’s leap

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