May Day 2017

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 friday 5 May 2017 at noon.

Andy and Ian speak about May Day.

Andy interviews Josh Cullinan who has started up the new Retail and Fast Food Union – all about the need to have a fighting Union instead of a boss’s union like the SDA. Josh has spent 20-25 years in the services industry: Seven-Eleven 7/11, Coles and IGA. He raises the importance of defending penalty rates and speaks about how to get a union up and running.

Andy talks with Phil Monsour about his latest CD project: One song, One Union which began with the Hutchinson’s dispute on the waterfront last year and extended to the Baby Asha campaign for refugees and became a 12 song album which is one song per Union.

ACTU leader, Sally McManus, outlines in her May Day speech, the issues confronting the union movement, the need to defend our rights at work and penalty rates.


Evan Greer – Picket line song
The Criminals – Union yes
Phil Monsour – One more day than them
Phil Monsour – We teach our children hope
Redgum – Killing floor
Dilemmas – Bomb the clock

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