Housing crisis

We discuss homelessness … ‘the primary purpose of housing should be to meet the needs of people rather than the demands profit‘ – Housing for all. Gabba Ward Housing Policy Collective June 2016.

Ian interviews Ros from the Brisbane Period Project, and  Anne Margaret O’Connor, the editor of Homeless Gazette, and Jayden from the Anti-Poverty Network.

Some questions asked
Issues facing homeless people. Shortcomings of the welfare system. How do these grassroots groups organise?

Listen @ http://4zzz.org.au/program/paradigm-shift

Ruby Hunter – Down City Streets
Kate Fagan – Waiting for the crisis
Anita Tijoux – Sacar La Vox
Alistair Hullet – Suicide Town
David Rovics – A Dream Foreclosed

period project.jpg
Ian talks with Ros from the Brisbane Period Project



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