An Apocalyse in Venezuela?

US tries to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela

This week we talk with Diego Sequera from Mision Verdad in Venezuela about the attempt by the United States government to orchestrate a coup in his country. Firstly some background, Hugo Chavez nationalised Venezuelan oil in the late 1990s and drove big oil companies like Exxon out of Venezuela. Since that time the US has attempted intervention, so far unsuccessfully.

This time a US economic blockade has brought on a shortage of some goods and medicines. At the same time there has been high inflation so poorer wage earners are unable to buy essential goods and services. Some people have died as a result of lack of medicine.

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We heard an account on this show in February 2019 where Eulalia (Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network) said that her sister had died as a result of lack of medicine. At the same time the United Nations Agency for Refugees says that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border with Columbia. UNHCR representative Angelina Jolie announced this week that over 4 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and that on Wednesday over 30,000 left the country through the Colombian border.

Discussion with Diego Sequera, Mision Verdad, and Eulalia Reyes de Whitney, Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network
Eulalia from the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network tells her own personal loss as a result of the economic blockade of Venezuela since 2015.

Diego Sequera a writer and journalist in Caracas from Mision Verdad analyses the refugee situation. He talks about the dynamic nature of the border. Diego looks at the origins of the emergency from 2013 onwards. There was a planned uprising in 2013 and 2017.

The UNHCR claims that 4 million Venezuelans have fled through the border with Colombia since 2015. Firstly is this true? And secondly, if it is true, what is the reason?

Are the sanctions being imposed on the government of Venezuela or on the people? Diego discusses the US justification for blockades and looks at the geopolitical situation that led to this.

He discusses the parallel with Libya saying that there are some similarities but real differences.

What countries are providing real economic support for the Maduro government? Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba and other Bolivarian states. Will the Russians give up on Maduro? Diego points to political and economic issues. The problems have to be solved. There is a problem with distance from Russia which does not exist with Syria. Will international solidarity shore up the Bolivarian revolution?

Mision Verdad
Brisbane AVSN – Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network


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