Long March for Climate Justice

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon 4 July 2019.

Interviews with Moira Williams (Stop Adani) and Carl Jackson (Students for Climate Justice and Socialist Alternative).

This week reports were claiming the Stop Adani movement is a campaign of civil disobedience of greater size than the anti-uranium movement. This is incorrect, there is some civil disobedience in the Stop Adani movement and numbers attending marches are smaller even though population has nearly doubled since 1977.


On 22 Sept 1977 about 500 people marched from UQ campus and proceeded to King George Square to attend a rally of 2,000 people where 32 people were arrested. This march and others helped build the democratic rights campaign to defend the right to march and assembly until 5,000 attended a rally in KGSq on 22 Oct 1977 where 418 people were arrested. Thus began the longest period of mass defiance (3,000 arrests) against any government (not including the aboriginal resistance).

Strangely this defiance is not generally recognised.

The democratic rights campaign in Qld engaged a wider selection of the community, including workers and their unions than any movement since. It brought in a large section of the environment movement because one of its demands was to stop the mining and export of uranium. Friends of the Earth engaged directly with Railway and Waterside Workers Federation (WWF) to obtain information about Uranium trains and the WWF went out on strike when Uranium trains came to Brisbane. These interviews seek to make comparisons and to better understand where the campaign for Climate Justice is going.

If you see her say hello – Jeff Buckley
Coyote – Joni Mitchell
I shall be released – Jeff Buckley

Rally against Adani Mine at Raddacliff Place Brisbane 5 July 2019

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