Food Security in Palestine

Paradigm Shift July 12, 2019

Which is the greatest threat – climate change or nuclear war?
Vox Pop from Stop Adani rally in Brisbane on 5 July 2019.

Union Aid abroad in Palestine
Ian interviews Ken Davis from APHEDA (Union Aid Abroad) about agricultural projects in Palestine.

APHEDA agricultural projects in Palestine – Ken Davis – Part 1

Ken talks about APHEDA and what it does, how it was set up in Lebanon originally. Its relationship with the Australian Government and the United Nations agencies UNWRA and UNHCR.

Food Security in Palestine – Ken Davis – Part 2

Ken talks about the importance of the UN Relief Agency UNWRA to 2 million Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who have no rights, to work etc and who live in camps. UNWRA distributes dried products like chick peas, flour, salt etc
APHEDA works in assisting production of fresh fruit and vegetables like cucumbers, eggplants and capsicums.
APHEDA is running a campaign on the West Bank to increase the rights of women. Israeli law prevents women from inheriting land which is part of the Islamic culture. APHEDA is funding that campaign to increase the ability of women to own land and therefor to be able to grow crops in Palestine.

Food Security In Palestine – Ken Davis – Part 3

Destruction of the aquifer in Gaza. Inundation of salt from the sea because of extraction of fresh water exceeds storage in the aquifer.

West Bank
Israel’s wall and roads adversely affect Palestinian agriculture. There are pests such as wild pigs. Australia and APHEDA has provided practical assistance to Palestinian farmers and the Australian government should reflect that in the face of the Trump administration’s backing of Israel and Saudi Arabia and to take away human rights of Palestinian people.

How can people help? Support APHEDA and the union members who contribute. Australian government should fund UNWRA and fund the NGOs that provide support in Palestine. Majority opinion is in support of Palestinian human rights.

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Support the Big Ride for Palestine – Australia held this year on 31st August – 1 Sept 2019. For more info go to

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