Mental Health and the Public Trustee Exposed

[PShift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday 16 Oct 2015]

Nathan and Nicole present radical perspectives on mental health.

Pls Note: your own perspective is important, this is an alternative view where self-determination is a key to change in mental health perspectives.

Jacks McNamara does interview on Icarus project with Ken Paul Rosenthal  and gives his own experiences.

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restreamerNicole  does interview with Rosslyn from the Qld Public Trustee Exposed who is trying to raise awareness on the perpetrators of bad decisions by the public trustee and guardian. Questionable financial decisions by the Public Trustee resulting in the denial of justice.

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Various community health announcements.

Bonfire Madigan – Inch X Inch

12:09 Jacks McNamara – Crooked Beauty excerpt

3 thoughts on “Mental Health and the Public Trustee Exposed”

  1. THE PERFECT START TO MY BIRTHDAY! Every year is a disappointment, not a cent to my name because the public trustee chose to ignore my emails for the past month and not give me a cent to spend a day with my sisters and now I can’t even receive a phone call from my family or friends to wish me a happy birthday because the public trustee couldn’t do one simple thing! THEIR JOB !!!! My number has been terminated! I’m lucky if I get to blow a candle out today, no food in this house because the trustee forgot to pay me any living expenses again this week! They’ve even fallen a week behind in paying my rent because my case workers wife had a baby so he took the week off work.
    I CANNOT KEEP LIVING THIS LIFE, THEY ARE KILLING ME.. and driving me to my grave.. I AM SO SO CLOSE TO OVER DOSING MYSELF OR A BULLET TO THE TEMPLE! Steering my car in front of the next semi is my thought this morning!!!! The Feelings of SUICIDE are so very strong this morning, I’m losing my self control!!


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