Film and resistance in West Papua

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 23 Oct 2015

Wensi, Tali, Marcellino and Ian present show about filmmaking in West Papua as a form of struggle.

Important community announcement
But first Ian reports on the response to police murder of Shaun Coolwell, a young aboriginal man in his prime cut down by the Queensland Police Force.

No more police murder

Indonesian security forces have never been held accountable for the brutal murders of free west papuaPapuans on the island of Biak in July, 1998. In the last 3 years, they have killed 29 unarmed, peaceful members of KNPB, an activist group in Papua. Since December last year, Indonesian security forces have killed at least 10 young unarmed and peaceful Indigenous Papuans. These killings are committed with total impunity and, yet, the Australian Government claims the human rights situation in West Papua is improving!

Ian talked about a West Papuan friend, Matthew Meyer, who was from Biak. In the 1970s Matthew Meyer was a member of West Papua’s One’s Peoples Army. Matthew spent years in exile here after  a lucky tip-off that he was to be deported from PNG back to West Papua and a likely death at the hands of the TNI Indonesia’s ruthless military, an occupation of West Papua that continues to this day. Matthew could often be seen on the steps of the Australian Government Centre protesting Australia’s engagement with Indonesia while our nearest neighbour was under military occupation. Wensi and Marcellino discuss how close to Australia West Papua is.

When will the killings stop? When will Australia and other countries stop funding and training the perpetrators of these killings? When will international action be taken to hold the Indonesian Government and its security forces to account for years of extra-judicial killings?

Listen to filmmaker Wensi talk about how he documents the campaign for justice for West Papua. Also this Sunday October 25, West Papuan film maker and human rights defender, Wensi Fatubun, will premiere his new documentary on a horrible chapter in the history of West Papua, the 1998 Biak massacre. The screening will take place at 11 a.m. in the Waterford Place Theatre, cnr Water & Quarry Streets, Spring Hill (on the grounds of St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace). Wensi will speak about his film and answer questions.

Tonight (23 October) 7pm screening of Wensi’s films outdoor cinema at Northey Street farm off Bowen Bridge Road.

This tragedy is not just a story from the past. Since December last year, 8 unarmed teenagers have been killed by Indonesian security forces in West Papua and no-one has been held accountable for their deaths.

Play List
‘Free West Papua’ by band from Vanuatu & Solomon islanders features Benny Wenda
Black Paradise – West Papua – Spirit of Mambesak – Aye Nanawe
Solidarity song from Biak

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